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IEM Sydney Intel Extreme Masters Day 3 Coverage

Today marks the first full knockout day for the 2018 IEM Sydney Extreme Intel Masters event. After a solid day yesterday, including multiple plus money winners – we return today to replicate that success.

Day Three Round Analysis

MVP.PK v Mousesports

This is going to be a closer match than many expect. Mousesports looked like they didn’t belong at the tournament yesterday as Astralis made a mockery of them. Mousesports will need to bounce back today against an emerging Asian side that has some real talent individually. Expectations here though are that even with Styko continuing to pull down the quality of this roster, that they still have what it takes to beat MVP.PK straight up with a 2-0 result.

BEST BET – Mousesports -1.5 Match Line @ $1.65/-154 on UNIBET

NRG eSports v G2

G2 had somewhat of a resurgence yesterday, almost beating out Fnatic, but, ultimately fell short. That match was closer than it should have been, and, some rather poor errors of judgement on an individual level led to G2 having a chance on the first and last maps. DOn’t expect a red hot NRG to afford similar opportunities here. CerQ is one of the most sort after players and, if NRG don’t offer him a decent enough contract to stick with the side, he will most likely move to a tier one team in order to get more LAN experience. G2 have KennyS in a similar role, but, CerQ is playing much better. This is definitely a game that NRG eSports could take.

BEST BET – Map 1 OVER 26.5 rounds @ $1.80/-125 on UNIBET

Cloud9 v Faze Clan

You wouldn’t think that this would be a sentence you would read about these two sides, but, both don’t look like tier one sides, and are really going to be offering a really poor game here today. The scoreline might show a good game, but, in all likeliness, it is a poor match from a skill stand point and Cloud 9 are able to steal a map due to Faze playing a redundant style of Counter Strike that worked a year or so ago, but, really doesn’t in today’s game. The best bet here is for this one to go to three maps.

BEST BET – Match Total OVER 2.5 Maps @ $1.90/-110 on UNIBET

Renegades v Tyloo

The surprise package that is Tyloo, will be hoping that this golden run will continue by beating the best side left from the Australian scene, despite Renegades playing in the ultra competitive North American circuit. Tyloo will be hoping that big games from the likes of BnTet and Captain Mo continue to happen as Ustillo and Azr continue to wreak havoc for the Boys. However, both teams look poised to win their own map picks here and, we lean more towards Renegades winning this one outright.

BEST BET – Match Total OVER 2.5 Maps @ $1.85/-118 on UNIBET

Astralis v Fnatic

This will be a walk in the park for Astralis after what they showed yesterday. Fnatic made too many errors against G2 and these are things you just can’t do against a side like Astralis. Krimz may be playing out of this world individually, but, players like JW and Flusha are really in and out of form, and, you can’t have an form on inconsistency against Astralis. Likely maps pool will be Dust 2, Cache and Train. It would be a big mistake for Fnatic to let Astralis take Overpass, that would be an instant 1-0 start. Regardless of what Fnatic pick, it is hard to see this being anything other than a quick 2-0 for Astralis.

Astralis to win 2-0 @ $1.60/-157
Astralis -4.5 Map 1 @ $2.00/+100
Both bets on UNIBET

IEM Sydney Intel Extreme Masters Day 1 Coverage

Today marks the opening day fo the 2018 IEM Sydney Extreme Intel Masters event. After making a mockery of the Dreamhack Marseille event, our resident eSports professional is back again today in order to provide his day-by-day analysis and his bets absolutely free here at Bet Chimps.

Day One Round Analysis

Legacy v Renegades

This is the opening match of the event, and, it is a pretty underwhelming pairing. The all Aussie affair pits North America based Renegades against a roster shuffled Legacy to kick off proceedings. Legacy looked good coming into this event, on the back of some consistent play by Bl1tz, however, without the support of Yellow at this major, who is not playing due to work commitments, it is hard to see a situation where Legacy can remain within 8 rounds of Renegades here.

Ustillo needs to show a little more after some rather disappointing rounds, however, Azr and Jkaem have looked solid. The core of this team is better than the starting five for Legacy and should be able to clutch out the difficult rounds.

BEST BET – RENEGADES -6.5 round handicap @ $1.80/-125 on UNIBET

Faze Clan v Order

Faze Clan have been relying way too much on the efforts of Niko in order to pull rounds out of the fire for them. Xizt has proven to be a shaky addition in the absence of Olofmeister and veteran member Kerrigan has been below average at best.

Order have been gifted a massive line to try and keep up with here, and the underwhelming form of Faze heading into this one means that Order has every chance to cover this line – you wouldn’t go as far to say that Order will win this one, but, it wouldn’t surprise with the current state of Faze.

BEST BET – ORDER +7.5 @ $2.02/+102 on UNIBET

Cloud 9 v Grayhound Gaming

Cloud 9 have looked very different since the departure of Stewie2k, not that he was a superstar before leaving however. Grayhound being led by Gratisfaction, who is supported well by newcomer Malta, could be the upset of the round here. C9 for short, have pulled off a big win at Dreamhack with a 2-0 win over Faze, but, as mentioned above, beating Faze isn’t quite as impressive as it once was. Since then, C9 have been incredibly difficult to trust with lines like this.

Grayhound are vying for the coveted #1 spot in Australian Counter Strike, a big upset here of C9 could catapult them into that spot. Gratisfaction needs to be rementioned here as he has been instrumental in the rise of Grayhound. If Grayhound can get into a position where they can get awp control, Grayhound could very well win this game.


Tyloo v SK Gaming

This is the hardest match of the opening rounds to try and predict. When Tyloo are able to get their communications down pact, they are a dangerous side, even when on pistols. Bntet and Captain Mo are always dangerous and very hard to keep at bay. However, the mixed languages in this side has led to a lot of cheap rounds being lost, and you can’t afford that against a side like SK Gaming, despite their troubles. The Chinese, Indonesian mixture on Tyloo is ironing out its wrinkles, but, not enough yet to win this one, or stay within 7.

SK Gaming, despite their ongoing battle with consistency, are one of the top 10 sides in the world for a reason, they can get great individual games from players, they just rarely put it together as a team at the moment. Stewie2k is now on the roster, he is yet to show why he was such a coveted signing, consistently sitting at the bottom of the SK team statistics board. Coldzera and Fallen are going to need to show up here at this tournament if SK are to have a real chance of going past the quarter finals.

BEST BET – SK GAMING -5.5 @ $1.80/-125 on UNIBET

NRG Gaming v Astralis

NRG Gaming are a great side online when they have poor ping working in their favour, the last time they were at an offline event, they got absolutely ravaged. Unfortunately for NRG, they have been stuck with major winners and the most in form side in Counter Strike right now in Astralis. The Danes are going to be heavily favoured again here to win this tournament. NRG have a big test here to kick off their campaign, one that looks just too tall of an order.

Astralis, winners of the Dreamhack major in Marseille, come into this full of confidence after suffering a couple of cheap losses on the European scene as they perfected their strats on maps they are unfamiliar with. If NRG are to have a chance, they would be looking for Dust 2 the new map in rotation at the tournament, or, hopping they can get Train and have a big CT side. Either way you look at it, NRG are heavily outmatched here on one for one talent.

BEST BET – ASTRALIS -4.5 @ $1/72/-139 on UNIBET

Mousesports v BOOT[d]s

Mousesports disappointed at Dreamhack, going in as the favourites and dropping some rather easy matches. Coming into this one, they are expected to easily handle the third best Chinese side in Boot[d]s, and, if they are able to get an old map like Dust 2 or something like Nuke, they will probably beat Boot[d]s by 10 rounds. Boot[d]s are a quality side on pistol, but, aside from that, Mousesports will beat them across the board in strats and individual player ability.

Mousesports are looking for a good showing at this tournament after the disappointment of Marseille. Styko really needs to have a good showing here in Sydney, if he doesn’t this franchise really needs to call the curtain on his time with them as he has cost them so many rounds and matches of the last few months that it really needs to happen. However, even with Styko playing poorly, Sunny and Ropz have lifted and those two at their best, are good enough to beat Boot[d]s by more than 8.

BEST BET – MOUSESPORTS -7.5 @ $1.75/-133 on UNIBET

Chiefs v Fnatic

Fnatic have looked terrible in the lead up to this tournament, with top player Krimz visibly annoyed at the level of play provided by his team mates. JW has been playing at a very below standard level, and Golden was virtually non-existent bar one game. If Fnatic are to have a good tournament, they need to start off with a big win here against a rather underpowered Chiefs roster.

Losing Malta was a significant blow for Chiefs, but, not significant enough to see them not qualify for IEM Sydney. Tucks and new man in Burnruok both need to work well together in order for them to stay close here. If Chiefs are to have a chance here they will be wanting a map like Train or Cache, but, if JW is on today – Chiefs don’t have an awp player that is anywhere near the level of JW playing at 60% of his ability, which is a huge variation in this game.

BEST BET – Chiefs eSports +6.5 @ $1.85/-118 on UNIBET

G2 eSports v MVP.PK

G2 are the replacment side for Natus Vincere, who had visa issues, and, for the quality of this tournament, the replacement should have been Ninjas In Pyjamas, G2 have been absolutely abysmal save for two games. The french side made no headway at their home tournament and finished dead last in their group. Mixwell has proven largely ineffective in place of the departed Shox, and Kennys isn’t as good as he once was in order to win games individually. G2 will struggle at IEM Sydney.

MVP.PK are the top side in the Asian Counter Strike team, and rightfully qualified top of the region for IEM Sydney. Xign and Solo have been the driving force of this team and the ability of HSK in the clutch situations has been a huge boost for this team. Getting a rather soft line in an event where they won’t be as jetlagged as their opponent who has only been in the country for about 10 hours puts them in a really advantageous spot here where they could even win this match outright – it is definitely worth something small at such big odds. (currently over $3/+200 on UNIBET )

BEST BET – MVP.PK +5.5 @ $1.85/-118 on UNIBET


Astralis to win outright @ $3.25/+125

This value can be found on Bet365. Astralis are coming into this one in incredibly hot form, looked near unstoppable at Dreamhack Marseille and are still in that form now as they begin to gel better with new addition Magisk. Have a rather soft group and should be able to top group B. After that, there isn’t really a team at this tournament that they can’t beat, more over, there really isn’t a side at this tournament with the tools to beat Astralis.

Astralis to win GROUP B @ $2.62/+162 on UNIBET

Same reasons as above, only real threat to winning group b is Mousesports, who ahve been very hit and miss over the last month. Expect Astralis to breeze through the group stages and possibly even the grand final without too much stress.

Renegades to win GROUP A @ $13.00/+1200 on UNIBET

Renegades have this nasty habit of showing up at majors and not online, good thing here is that this is an offline event and they are in a rather soft group here with some sides that are wildly under-performing. Ustillo as mentioned before, really needs to lift his game as when he is playing well, this entire side goes to another level – the type of side that could win a major, especially at IEM Sydney where a lot of the top teams are not at the top of their game. This is great value, and definitely worth taking.