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DreamHack Stockholm – Preview, predictions and best bets

Can we finally declare this as being known as the “era of Astralis” is there any team that can truly compete with them at this event? Will the resurgent MiBR under new coach and former desk analyst Yanko, be able to turn heads at Stokcholm? Can Natus Vincere continue to make strides and not waste the prime of S1mple? All that and more with our projections for Dreamhack Stockholm 2018.



Clearly the team to beat here at the event, and, getting over even money for them to win this event should be considered overs. With their continuation of Device absolutely dominating on map control, frees players like Magisk and Xpyx9 to roam and pick up loose kills. The structure and execution that Astralis plays at really puts them on another level when compared to the rest of the entrants at this event. Their opening match will be against the Australian side Grayhound Gaming, who won’t have Erkast due to visa issues. This should be considered a win by 7+ rounds to start the event. Astralis will win group A as they don’t have a great deal to contend with, with North, Tyloo and Grayhound as their listed competitors.


Just one of the asian sides here to make up numbers. Tyloo are one of the top asiatic sides in the CS scene, however it just doesn’t match up well when against European talent. BnTet can only do so much for this side, but, against players like Kjaerbye, Valde, Xpyx9, Dupreeh and Device, Tyloo will struggle to get out of group a, as North are starting to hit their stride at the right time.


North are coming into this one after qualifying for IEM Chicago after giving up an early lead to ENCE, who are a better side than both Tyloo and Grayhound Gaming. North are expected to be the second qualifier from this group with great play from Valde, Kjaerbye and MSL right now being a big game changer for this Danish side. They won’t do better than Astralis, but, they will be competitive at this event.

Grayhound Gaming

A side that is happy to just be at the event. Expected to be the side that finishes the event in last position, and, having a stand-in does not help with Erkast having visa issues. With that said, if they can get big games from Dexter and Gratisfaction, they could surprise, it won’t be in game one against Astralis, but, in their losers match, likely against Tyloo, there is a chance they could get a win. But, there isn’t much light at the end of the tunnel for Grayhound at this event.


Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere are one of the dark horses here as you never know what you are going to get tournament to tournament. They have the worlds best inidividual player in Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, who is a one man wrecking crew when at his best. When he gets good support play from Flamie and Electronic, Na’Vi are able to beat the best in the world, but, all three playing well at the same time has been the issue that has plagued this side. Inconsistency across the roster is what makes it difficult to say that they will step up here in Sweden. They will win their group – but after that, they are a big unknown.

NRG eSports

NRG, NRG, NRG. This is the most volatile side form a betting perspective as the entire team hinges on the play of Cerq. If Cerq is having an off day, then this team can lose to teams that don’t even rank in the worlds top 100. When they get elite level play from Cerq, they can mix it with the best, unfortunately there is no middle for this team, its either the ceiling or the floor. Cerq needs to go off in every game at this event for NRG to be able to make the final, or even survive the group stages, and with their inconsistency right now – getting out of the group stages may prove difficult.

Ninja’s In Pyjamas

This is an incredibly volatile group – they have pooled all the teams together and put them in here that can either play high or low with no middle. NiP are another of those sides. get_right is one of the best pure aimers in the game, unfortunately, the rest of the side seems to miss the target more often then not. Pistol rounds are usually something they win due to the level of Denis in these rounds, but, after that, the lack of executions, poor communication and just absurd play calling at times is what really limits this roster. The individual talent is there on this roster, they just don’t have the team mechanics to win an event like this, even in front of a home crowd – but, that home crowd may be enough to get them out of the group stages.


Ghost may have used all their luck during the Zotac Cup, where they eliminated the more heavily fancied Optic Gaming – beating them on what many thought was an instant 1-0 for Optic when claiming Nuke. This group they find themselves in, their best chance of survival is if they are able to draw NiP and NRG as their first two matches, unfortunately, they have drawn Na’Vi, who should beat them by 7 or more rounds. Ghost just like NRG, don’t have the talent level across the roster to beat a team like NiP or Na’Vi and will struggle to not come last.


FaZe Clan

If Faze don’t top the group they have been drawn in, then, they shouldn’t waste any more time and pack their bags and go home. Being pooled in one of the weaker groups where the main opponent is going to be Optic. They start proceedings off against Heroic, who have been absolutely abysmal over the last few months with constant roster changes, they haven’t really recovered since losing Snappi and Yugi to Optic. Faze is in a position where they should qualify in first and do so with a round differential in the +10’s. Faze were underwhelming in their last major appearance, crashing out in the group stages. Better is expected here as they are the best side in Group C.


No form to speak of leading into this tournament. The addition of Acillion after Rubino had to leave due to an eye injury hasn’t proved overly impressive. Veteran banana legend Friberg is extremely hit and miss and it is hard to see where the map control and the fragging is going to come from for this team. There isn’t many positives here for Heroic and they have drawn a group where they will most likely be going home as the bottom of it.

Optic Gaming

Shock losers at the Zotac Cup, when they were expected to do no worse then make the final. Expectation and reality are often two different things in this world and Optic went in with the attitude that they were already there. Then got their pants pulled down by Ghost. After what should have been a humbling experience for the Danish quintet, they have found a group that, with a bit of luck they could win. But, they would need to go past Swedish giants Fnatic in front of their home crowd in order to achieve this – a highly unlikely feat based on recent performances. However, if Optic are able to jag Inferno in this best of one, they could very well beat Fnatic who have underhwelming at best of late. Optic have every chance if Yugi is on fire, as the lack of fragging from him at Zotac was one of the key contributors to their demise.


The recent roster shuffles for Fnatic has had its ups and downs. Giving Lekr0 the flick was a strange choice, and adding Draken, who is a high ceiling, low floor type of player didn’t make much sense. Releasing Golden for Xizt however did, as Fnatic really needed an IGL and Xizt is that. However, they don’t have a great deal of firepower outside of Krimz, but, this team should be good enough to finish second in this group. Heroic and Optic are two beatable sides for the Swedish giants, and they won’t want to waste this chance in front of a home crowd.



Have we seen enough from MiBR at Zotac to suggest that the new coaching change is enough to put them back on the map? The answer is no. Zotac was compiled of a handful of low level teams that MiBR were expected to trounce, and they did just that. Now, we see that side has drawn a favourable group where they will start the event against HellRaisers, who will provide a real challenge if Woxic plays well. Fallen seems to be thriving in his new surroundings, with Tarik and Stewie bouncing off one another well. Coldzera will need to step up again here to open the match up for MiBR if they are to progress from this competitive group.


Was Styko the problem? This is yet to be seen, as with Styko, Sunny and Ropz played much better as they had a meat shield that would draw out opponents. After taking that away and adding Snax, they don’t have this bullet bait on the roster any more and they have hsown that they just aren’t as good as hunting for the kills as they were when the kills were taken when opponents were chasing Styko. Chrisj and Oskar are not exempt here either as their play has been lacking. Hopefully the summer break gave this team the time needed to gel and they can put on a better showing here in Stockholm.


HellRaisers are another of those “high ceiling, low floor” types of rosters. When they get the best from Woxic, they can mix it with the best in the world, when this side needs to rely on the likes of Fox and ISSA to make plays – they don’t win, its pretty simple really. Woxic is the spine of this team and when he underperforms, they don’t have the supporting players to pick up the slack. This is the floor of this team, is whether Woxic is playing well or not. Starting fresh, he needs to out duel Fallen, which could be what he needs to get sharp quickly. Can be a dark horse in this group if Woxic plays well.


Not much to like about this side. Rewind the clock back to CS 1.6 and oyu had a much more competitive Gambit, fast forward to Global Offensive, and they just haven’t adapted well to the new surroundings. Drawing Mousesports isn’t a great start here, especially if the map lands on Train. Dosia needs to step aside, as his lack of fragging is holding back this roster. Adren, Hobbit and Mou all need to perform much better than they have of late if Gambit are to do better then last in in this group. Not much to like here.



Even at slightly above evens, you just can’t look beyond Astralis. They are the best side at the tournament, in the best form and just show that they have the best team mechanics time and time again. Maybe it is time to finally declare this the “Astralis era”?

Group D Winner

This is a very congested group – with some real standouts, and one clear punching bag (Gambit). However, the complete rebuilding of MiBR has proven successful and, on their utter destruction of Kinguin and coming into this one with game fitness, it is hard to look past them here in this group – especially if MiBR can give HellRaisers a beatdown in game one. While this is a tightly congested group – Mousesports should not be considered the favourites to win as they just don’t have the team chemsitry so far in a post-Styko environment funnily enough, despite the calls for Styko to be given the boot – he was the lynchpin for Mousesports winning rounds. MiBR have the better overall talent on their roster and at their best, will top this group.

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Counter Strike Global Offensive: ESL One Cologne 2018 Day 3

Today is day three of the ESL One Cologne 2018 Counter Strike Major. Last years winners, SK Gaming will be represented under a new name, MiBR (Made In Brazil). The red hot favourites to win the event are without a doubt – Astralis, and, the odds reflect this. With some questionable sides at this event, lets break down the day of games.

BIG v Renegades

Very unlikely match up here based of results, but, here we are. BIG outperformed in their opening game, and, fell right back into a position that everyone expected, when they got beaten by Fnatic. Renegades, have split their results as well, and, are coming in on the back of an easy 2-0 win over B.O.O.T[d]s. This one is a very even match, and the odds reflect this. If you were to go on a player for player match up however, Renegades hold the edge, with only Smooya having an edge over Nifty. Ustillo, jks, Jkaem and Azr all stepped up against B.O..O.T[d]s, if they are to replicate that type of performance, they could very well beat BIG 2-0. Home sides always play better at home however, and they could easily get at least one map in this contest. Renegades to win 2-1 is at big money – but, the smarter bet here would be to take Renegades to win.

Expected map selections
BIG select – Cache
Renegades select – Train
Left over – Inferno

Best Bet – Renegades ML @ $1.85/-118 on Unibet

MiBR v North

After getting the big upset and elimination Team Liquid, North are back on deck here against MiBR who got handled 2-0 by FaZe Clan yesterday. This is a very open match considering how poor MiBR have been performing, whether named MiBR or SK Gaming. While North are a beatable opponent, it is hard to trust MiBR to get the job done – this is a great H2H match to just leave alone, there is no edge for either side and, irrespective of map rotation, could just go either way.

No Best Bet

Astralis v G2 eSports

Astralis, are our pick to win this entire tournament, and, winning their group here against G2, will push them closer to achieving that goal. With that said, there could be a chance that Astralis throw this to try and get G2 closer to the final, as they know that they can beat the French side pretty comfortably if they want to. Xypx9, Device, Dupreeh, Magisk and gla1ve are the strongest unit right now in Counter Strike, and, a big win here will just stamp their authority over the rest of the league.

Expected map selections
G2 eSports select – Dust 2
Astralis select – Inferno
Left over – Train

Best Bet – Astralis -4.5 round handicap Map 2 @ $1.72/-139 on Unibet

ENCE v Natus Vincere

A real wildcard here, ENCE, expected by many to be one of the first eliminated, have knocked out one of the hopefuls in Mousesports yesterday and seem to be going from strength to strength. Unfortunately for ENCE, the worlds best player is on the Na’Vi roster, and he turned up big yesterday during Na’Vi’s 2-0 route of Cloud 9. Natus Vincere do at times depend on the individual brilliance of S1mple, and, he is that type of ace up the sleeve that can turn a game on its head in a split second. For ENCE, they really need to combined efforts from Aerial and Aleksib to continue, if they are to stand a realistic chance against the Ukrainians, the Finland based outfit will need to start strong.

Expected map selections
ENCE select – Dust 2
Natus Vincere select – Mirage
Left over – Train

Best Bet – Natus Vincere to win 2-0 @ $2.25/+125 on Unibet

FaZe Clan v Fnatic

Old rivals go to war once again here with FaZe Clan looking to be in better shape. Fnatic really got through due to the individual brilliance of JW yesterday, just awping down anything that moved. Today, old rivals JW and Guardian will be the main battle here, whichever one can assert dominance on awp control, will be able to win the game for their side. The support play of Niko and Cromen will need to win the duels with Krimz and Flusha – something easier said than done – but, FaZe are just in a good spot right now, despite not having Olofmeister with them.

Expected map selections
Fnatic select – Mirage
FaZe Clan select – Nuke
Left over – Inferno

Best Bet – FaZe Clan to win 2-0 @ $2.37/+137 on Unibet

Multi of the day
Astralis to win 2-0
FaZe Clan ML
Natus Vincere ML
Value – $3.00/+200 on Unibet

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Counter Strike Global Offensive: ESL One Cologne 2018 Day 2

Today is day two of the ESL One Cologne 2018 Counter Strike Major. Last years winners, SK Gaming will be represented under a new name, MiBR (Made In Brazil). The red hot favourites to win the event are without a doubt – Astralis, and, the odds reflect this. With some questionable sides at this event, lets break down the day of games.

Team Liquid v North

If Liquid play anywhere near the level that they did yesterday, this will be a quick 2-0 for North, who almost pulled off the improbable comeback on Inferno against Fnatic after being on the losing side of a 12-3 half, to finish 16-14 losers. Liquid on the other hand, were thoroughly handled by local team BIG, 16-7 on Dust 2 with only Elige looking like he came to the event to play – at one stage, having more total frags than the rest of the Liquid line-up. However, it looked like a strategic move by Liquid in order to drop down to the lower bracket and aim for a potentially easier run to the finals. North are no easy beats, and, the loser is going home. Team Liquid will more than likely want to avoid Dust 2 here as it is one of North’s stronger maps.

Expected map selections:
Team Liquid select – Mirage
North select – Nuke
Left Over – Overpass

With this trio of maps – it looks like it could very much be a three map contest. It really depends on whether or not an interested Team Liquid come to play.

Best Bet – Match Total OVER 2.5 Maps @ $1.85/-118 on Unibet

Renegades v B.O.O.T[d]s

Yesterday, Renegades shot out to a big, unexpected lead of 9-1 against MiBR, and, then as expected, fell to pieces and ended up losing outright. Now, they find themselves in a must win clash with B.O.O.T[d]s in order to stay in this tournament. Ustillo, Jkaem, Jks, Nifty and Azr will all need to be at their best here, if B.O.O.T[d]s best player Benkai is switched on today, it could make this match-up a lot more interesting. The Boys’ have a big advantage on player for player skill, and, this will be the difference maker between the two teams. Expecting that Renegades will win 2-0 isn’t the biggest longshot. However, the Boy’s have been so inconsistent it is hard to suggest betting on them. However, it is going to be the most best option here.

Expected map selections:
Renegades select – Mirage
B.O.O.T[d]s select – Cache
Left Over – Dust 2

This potential map cycle plays into Renegades hands if B.O.O.T[d]s were to go down this road with their selection, Cache is a 50/50 map, where Renegades would have the edge on player skill and playing it more recently.

Best Bet – Renegades to win 2-0 @ $1.85/-118 on Unibet

FaZe Clan v MiBR

This is the battle to determine our futures bet on the winner of Group B. If FaZe win here, as expected, then, it will send them through to the next part of the tournament as the group B winner. MiBR just scraped through after almost getting blown away by Renegades, when they originally had a 9-1 lead that MiBR clawed back. However, again, on a one-for-one skill grading, FaZe have the better side, and, regardless of map selection, FaZe will hold the edge on each map in the pool bar Train, which is a 50/50 type of map for these two sides.

Expected map selections:
FaZe Clan select – Mirage
MiBR select – Inferno
Left Over – Train

With this map rotation, it will be very difficult for MiBR to win Mirage, as that is one of FaZe Clans top maps, and, they are also very strong on Inferno, but, MiBR can’t afford to throw a different map in just because it is one of their opponents weaker maps. They need to play to their strengths and throw caution to the win if they want a chance.

Best Bet – FaZe Clan to win 2-0 @ $2.25?=125 on Unibet

Mousesports v ENCE

Unexpectedly, ENCE knocked out Swedish giants, Ninja’s In Pyjamas in their first knockout match, now, they face a tougher assignment in Mousesports. Mousesports also suffered a shock of their own, losing to an out of sorts G2 in their last match to qualify for the playoff bracket. Today, they are in a must win scenario against a side that is at a lower level of individual skill and are in a game that they are expected to win. However, the communication issues with new player Snax was on show against G2 and that isn’t something that Mousesports can fix overnight. Expectation here is that those issues hang around today and, make Mousesports bring the best out of their individual skill players. ENCE are significantly outmatched on a one for one player grading as well as an experience and strategy level. Mousesports will win this battle.

Expected map selections:
Mousesports select – Mirage
ENCE select – Train
Left Over – Inferno

With this map pool, Mousesports would hold a big edge on Mirage and a slight edge on Train, which would add value to a 2-0 win. However, the communication between the team isn’t on point at the moment, which could easily effect their executes on a map like Train. Skill level here will be crucial and a big game from Oskar is required for Mousesports to win here.

Best Bet – Mousesports to win 2-0 @ $2.25/+125 on Unibet

Fnatic v BIG

Unlike yesterday, BIG will not be afforded the opportunity of their opponent throwing for a lower bracket run. Fnatic are hungry after a string of disappointing efforts. BIG are an easy target, and, at this stage of the tournament, they are one you would like to have on your road to the semi’s or the quarters, that is exactly what lies ahead here for Fnatic. BIG got a win yesterday solely on the fact that Liquid had one player putting in effort and four that were only focused on what teams were headed to the lower bracket with them. Smooya is a rising start in the awp scene, however, he is against a season veteran in JW here, he will struggle if they go toe-to-toe.

Expected map selections:
Fnatic – Mirage
BIG – Dust 2
Left Over – Inferno

With this map rotation, BIG will be able to get Dust 2, or possibly Nuke, depending which way they select, after that, it should be routine for Fnatic, who are the better side on a one for one skill level.

Best Bet – Match Total OVER 2.5 maps @ $1.90/-112 on Unibet

Cloud 9 v Natus Vincere

Yesterday, Na’Vi looked horrible in their shock loss to G2, especially after winning the first half of the map. This is a must win situation for both teams, and, Cloud 9 have less firepower to match up with Na’Vi here. Na’Vi will look to their big hitters S1mple and Electronic in order to get the job done here, especially with S1mple going somewhat missing of late for the Ukrainian outfit.

Expected map selections:
Cloud 9 – Cache
Natus Vincere – Overpass
Left Over – Mirage

Na’Vi are favourites coming into this one, even after a rather poor effort against G2, losing a lot of key rounds you would normally see them walk in. With that said, Cloud 9 are really hurting having Styko in their team lineup, and, for this reason, Na’Vi hold a significant edge in this one. Na’Vi are not that great on Cache which could see Cloud 9 steal a map if that falls in rotation. However, both Overpass and Mirage would be heavily skewed in Natus Vincere’s favour.

Best Bet – Natus Vincere -3.5 handicap map @ $1.90/-112 on Unibet

Futures Bets
To Win Outright – Astralis @ $2.30/+130 on Unibet
Group B Winner – FaZe Clan @ $2.50/+150 on Unibet
Map with highest % of T wins – Dust 2 @ $3.50/+250 on Unibet

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Counter Strike Global Offensive: ESL One Cologne 2018 Day One

Today marks the beginning of the ESL One Cologne 2018 Counter Strike Major. Last years winners, SK Gaming will be represented under a new name, MiBR (Made In Brazil). The red hoot favourites to win the event are without a doubt – Astralis, and, the odds reflect this. With some questionable sides at this event, lets break down the opening games of day.

Astralis v Team Ence

Astralis, easily are the favourites to win ESL One Cologne, and, in all likelihood, they will walk away winners. Their first test comes against finish side, Ence. Aleksib, the former Havu Gaming member has recently started to perform at the level needed at for Ence, and, Aerial will need to be at his best for Ence to stand a chance here. With Xypx9. Dupreeh, Device and Magisk on the lurk, there isn’t really much too look forward to if you are one the Ence roster tonight. What we have seen from Astralis in their opening rounds at tournaments is that they like to drag their first game out to warm up – the line is at -6.5, and, it isn’t advised to bet on this match, as with Astralis and their first Bo1 game, they have often dragged them out for a bit of early practice. Expect to see the same here.

Ninjas In Pyjamas v Cloud 9

Both are organsiations in free fall. NiP have struggled to be consistent for the last 12 months now, and, even adding a good young talent in Lekr0, they still haven’t really put a good foot forward in regards to preparation for this event. The certainly won’t be an NiP magic at this event. For Cloud 9, they are in a similar boat, bringing Skadoodle back out of retirement didn’t change much, adding Mousesports castaway Styko won’t change things, and the continued lack of input from Automatic isn’t helping them at all. All in all, this game reads as two teams that are going to struggle against one another, and at the event overall. With that said, NiP hold a big edge in pistol rounds due to the Denis factor. Apart from that, it really is anyone’s game.

Best Bet – Match Total OVER 26.5 Rounds @ $2.00/+100 on Unibet

Natus Vincere v G2 eSports

G2 are still struggling to find themselves after all the recent roster changes and player sales, basically rebuilding the old roster that use to win things has been what G2 has been working on, bringing back Shox, KennyS and adding coach Smithzz. Still, no consistency and are struggling just about everywhere, this boot camp they said that they went on, won’t change much as their first opponent is Na’Vi, who are coming of a big win in the Asian Championships. Expecting the momentum of Na’Vi to keep rolling here and they handle business against a struggling G2 side.

Best Bet – Natus Vincere -3.5 round handicap @ $1.72/-139 on Unibet

Mousesports v Gambit

Mousesports finally did what we have been calling for them to do now for over six months, and, that is to cut the weak link that was Styko. Unfortunately, they added Snax from a very underwhelming Virtus.Pro roster. Snax may have been one of the games best two years ago – but, has really left something to be desired this year, but, that could have something to do with the expectation of losing as a Virtus.Pro member. Mousesports did above what was expected with a stand-in at the ESL One Belo Horizonte event, and, are expected to perform even better considering that get their best player Oskar back for this event and lose their worst in Styko. Gambit, haven’t been overly iompressive, have won games here and there, but, the addition of MiR from Vega Squadron has really helped them in the fragging department. On a one for one skill matching, Mousesports are better than Gambit, but, new player in, and, communication issues to be expected, this game could finish at 16-11 or 16-12.

Best Bet – Match Total OVER 26.5 rounds @ $2.25/+125 on Unibet

FaZe Clan v B.O.O.T[d]s

FaZe are not going to mess around here, they start off with one of the easier opponents in the entire competition, the round line reflects this, and irrespective of what the map rotation lands on, FaZe should beat the Asian qualifiers by more than 9 rounds. The line is set at -7.5 which is more than achievable for FaZe, but, just in case they lose a pistol being overconfident, it will be safer to take the match total under market. Not really much information needed here, FaZe are that much better than their opponent here.

Best Bet – Match Total UNDER 26.5 @ $1.65/-154 on Unibet

Renegades v MiBR

MiBR formerly known as SK Gaming, have a winnable matchup here agains the Australian side who have really fallen off the wagon since their coach left due to a falling out with jkaem. The leadership hasn’t been their for the Boys, and, they find themselves against a re-branded and hungry MiBR first up. Unless this map falls on Inferno or Train, Renegades will ultimately struggle in getting this win – or even covering as they team play and communication just hasn’t been there. With that said, MiBR haven’t been overly good either, and were only able to get a surprise win on home soil because the crowd was telling them where opponents were hiding. They won’t have that edge in Cologne, but, must beat beatable teams to be taken seriously. Renegades are beatable.

Best Bet – MiBR -4.5 handicap @ $1.85/-118 on Unibet

BIG v Team Liquid

Another replay of the Belo Horizonte beatdown that Team Liquid dished out is to be expected again here. BIG may be the home side here, being the German representatives, but, on a one for one skill level, team strategy level and communication level, Team Liquid are far superior. A -4.5 handicap is a soft line because BIG are the home side, that won’t mean much though, as the North American top seed will be able to get the job done here against BIG, for the third time in less than a month.

Best Bet – Team Liquid -4.5 handicap @ $1.95/-105 on Unibet

Fnatic v North

The most difficult match on the opening round of games to try and predict. If the map falls on an open brawler like Mirage or Overpass – Fnatic hold the edge 60-40, any other map, it really is a true 50-50 set up. North are their own worst enemy 90% of the time, executing poorly and missing shots that could win rounds, where Fnatic just try to take too many one on one duals expecting to come out superior. Both sides like to throw away team members with un-necessary peeking and aggression, which is why it is difficult to see a winner here. One thing that looks like though, is both sides reaching 11 wins – unless of course, it is one of the two previously mentioned maps.

Best Bet – Match Total OVER 26.5 rounds @ $2.00/+100 on Unibet

Futures Bets
To Win Outright – Astralis @ $2.30/+130 on Unibet
Group B Winner – FaZe Clan @ $2.50/+150 on Unibet
Map with highest % of T wins – Dust 2 @ $3.50/+250 on Unibet

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