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IEM Sydney Intel Extreme Masters Day 2 Coverage

Bit of a rough outing yesterday for everyone, the teams included. Some stepped up, others fell by the wayside. SK Gaming were eliminated in two, falling to the likes of Tyloo and Grayhound Gaming. Tyloo have emerged as a real threat at this major, where the production of Order and Chiefs has fallen off largely.

The Australian teams started off slowly at home, but then ended up bringing it home strong with Order winning 2-0, Grayhound eliminating SK Gaming and Renegades defeating Faze Clan. Others teams such as Cloud 9 were very uninspiring after a hot start. Expectations were not met on day one as many top sides failed to perform. Out of the anyone’s game best of ones today and into the meat of the tournament.

Day Two Round Analysis

Boot[d]s v NRG

NRG were super impressive almost upending hot tournament favourites Astralis in their best of one, that went in to overtime where they eventually lost. Boot[d]s on the other hand, were very limp in their best of one, getting thoroughly handled by Mousesports. While NRG are not quite on the same level as Mousesports, this should be a quick 2-0 and, Boot[d]s will struggle to win 14 rounds overall.

BEST BET – Map 2 Match Total UNDER 25.5 rounds @ $1.86/-113 on Pinnacle

MVP.PK v Chiefs eSports

Both got absolutely destroyed in their respective best of one matches yesterday, and, this is the last chance for both to keep going at this tournament. MVP.PK were purely outclassed by G2 yesterday, despite having an early lead and looking like they might make a game of it. On a one for one player skill level, MVP.PK has better players, strat wise however, both are very similar and this could be an interesting match up should Chiefs bring their A-Game.

Chiefs will be hoping they can land Train or Cache against MVP.PK and will do what is possible to push MVP.PK to the absolute peak int his match. Expectation and reality however, are normally not aligned when it comes to wagering – but, from a pure spectator point of view, if Chiefs can play at their ebst, they can challenge MVP.PK, however, they will inevitably fall short. MVP.PK are the better side and will show that in this contest.

BEST BET – Map 1 UNDER 26.5 rounds @ $1.70/-143 on UNIBET

Cloud9 v Order

This, is a very unlikable matchup from a betting perspective. Both sides have not been at their best, and Cloud9 showed that they just are not clicking with FNS in their roster after being thoroughly handled by Tyloo. Order looked extremely below average as they tried to beat top level opponents in Faze, who were beaten by Renegades yesterday. Cloud9 are definitely not at their best, and Order has a real chance to steal a map here in this one is Alistair can lift his game and stop putting his team at a disadvantage time and time again.

BEST BET – Order +1.5 Map Line @ $2.20/+120 on UNIBET

Mousesports v Astralis

This should be the match of the day if both teams play at their best. It has been quite some time since these two met in an offline environment, but, here, they are going to give it their all as these two teams before Dreamhack, looked very even. After Dreamhack, you would give the edge to Astralis. Astralis are our favourites to win this event, despite showing a small chink in the armour yesterday, being forced to OT in a best of one against NRG Gaming. Dupree and Device along with Gla1ve is just too good of a core of players to not go deep at this tournament. Mousesports may be able to win a map here if they are able to get Mirage, but, overall, Astralis are the better team.

Mousesports will be hoping that Astralis decides to allow them to have their map pick of Mirage at IEM Sydney so they can have some sort of edge against the current world number one. Unfortunately for Mouse, as long as Styko is on their roster, they will continue to struggle to beat strong line-ups. Mouse will need a strong team effort here in order to beat Astralis, but, it is an uphill battle before it begins.

BEST BET – Astralis -2.5 Map 2 Handicap @ $1.74/-135 on Pinnacle

Faze Clan v Grayhound Gaming

Yesterday was a good day for the Australian Counter Strike scene with both Renegades and Grayhound showing up against former world number ones. This time, Grayhound are here to pick at the remains Renegades left of Faze Clan. On a one for one skill player level – Faze are still the better side – despite Guardian and Gratisfaction being very close on current form. Faze still have the worlds best pure aimer in Niko and he will be a torment for Grayhound here.

Faze need this win bad to restore some confidence in this line-up and, with Xizt in rotation, they have looked very sub par. Grayhound are running hot right now after beating SK Gaming and deleting them from the tournament. Expectation against reality here – Faze will win here, and Grayhound will be competitive throughout.

BEST BET – Faze Clan -5.5 Map 1 Handicap @ $1.90/-110 on UNIBET

G2 v Fnatic

G2 may have dominated MVP.PK yesterday, but, they won’t be able to run amok on Fnatic. Fnatic with Krimz still guiding the show will be able to out duel and out class their French opponents today. The value on Fnatic is different across the board and G2 have seen quite a bit of money flow on them today after their round one showing – but, unless they are able to get their hands on Nuke or maybe even Inferno, Fnatic should be able to win this match outright. Although, dropping a map definitely wouldn’t surprise.

Krimz, Flusha and Lekr0 will be too much for a G2 side that is without a decent enough replacement for the loss of Shox.

BEST BET – Fnatic to win @ $1.72/-139 on UNIBET